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Is your baby or toddler having sleep issues that disrupts the harmony of the entire family?  Whether you are expecting, your 6 month old refuses to nap, your 18 month old wakes up multiple times throughout the night or your 3 year old is climbing in your bed in the middle of the night, we can help you!


One solution does not fit all! We can find the right solution that matches your family’s need and philosophy. After a comprehensive review of your situation and challenges, we match one of our highly experienced sleep consultants to work with you and implement your customized sleep plan. We offer a variety of solutions to meet the needs of your child, philosophy, and situation. Our sleep consultations can be conducted in person or by telephone/email.  We also offer relief for tired parents who want a couple of nights of restful, restorative sleep.


Our Sleep Consulting packages :


911 Sleep Relief includes: 8 hours of on-site infant/toddler care (including nursing moms and their needs)- $240/night


Option to purchase additional hours available


Customized Written Action Planincludes: customized written action plan + 2 week unlimited email/phone support- $275


In-home consultations available @ 75/hour; Option to purchase additional week (s) of email/phone support available


Implement My Action Planincludes: plan for weight growth, feeding plan, establishing healthy sleep habits, and routine with age appropriate children- healthy routine is established in 4 days/nights. Customized sleep plan + 4 night (8 hrs a day)  in-home implementing healthy sleep patterns + 1 month unlimited email support- inquire for pricing


Option to purchase addition in-home night hours available


“Get Me Started includes: plan for weight growth, feeding plan, establishing healthy sleep habits, and routine with age appropriate children. Written action plan + 1 night (8 hrs a day) in-home implementation + 2 week unlimited email/phone support- inquire for pricing


Naptime Necessities includes: Customized written action plan + 6-8 hours of in-home support + 2 week unlimited email/phone support- inquire for pricing


“New Baby Overnight Support”: whether you want your newborn (s) to share a room with you or sleep in their own room, our NICU trained experts can help the entire family establish healthy sleep routines and habits from day one & help mom and dad get optimal rest whether it is for 1 night or 2 months- inquire for pricing


“Q&A Support” Great for troubleshooting if you are unsure what the next step is: includes 2 weeks unlimited email/phone support- $95 (for existing clients only)


Option to purchase additional weeks


Don’t see any packages that would work for you and/or your family’s needs? That’s okay! Call or e-mail us at 512-542-3354 and to find out how we can customize a plan for you based on your specific needs, or let us know that you found the perfect plan!


*additional charges may apply for multiples, etc; clients must sign contract for final price approval

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