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Many parents face challenges during the potty training process. A variety of factors can contribute to delayed potty training. Both minor and major setbacks can be frustrating for the parent as well as the child. There are many methods and philosophies when it comes to potty training children. We believe what works for one child does not necessarily work for another. After a comprehensive review of your child’s situation, our potty training expert works closely with you to formulate an action plan using positive reinforcement. Whether your obstacles are bowel training, trip training, or nighttime training, we can help you achieve potty success.


Our Potty Training packages:


**NEW PLAN** Our “After the Book” plan is for those of you that have read our new potty training book “Potty Training in 3 Days”, but feel you would like some more personalized help. This plan includes a phone consult + email support for 2 weeks.


Write Me A Customized Plan” includes written action plan + email support for 2 weeks- $300 (*only for kids 0-3.5 years old*)


*additional in-home consultation (1-2 hours) with Potty Training expert for meet and greet and customized plan review and prep- $75/hour


“Write Me A Customized Plan for My Older Toddler” includes 1 hour phone consultation + written action plan + email support for 2 weeks + phone check in @ 60 days- $350*


*in-home implementation support available at $55/hour


Implement My Customized Plan” Best for those that want in-home guidance from one of our experts: includes written action plan +  in-home implementation of action plan* + unlimited email for 2 weeks- inquire for pricing


*additional in-home implementation support billed at $55/hour

elimination controlElimination Control


Learn how to gently teach your little one to use the potty and be done with diapers by baby’s first birthday! You will learn the method of teaching your child to use the potty without harsh discipline or force. Parents who use this method find it to be a great bonding experience with their baby. During this consultation, you will learn about all the supplies necessary, effective praise, how to use public restrooms, traveling and on-the-go tips. Our experts recommend your child is between the ages of 9-15 months to properly learn elimination control.


Our Elimination Control package includes: 1 ½ hr in home consultation + handouts + 1 month unlimited email support- $125

*additional in-home implementation support billed at $55/hour

Don’t see any packages that would work for you and/or your family’s needs? That’s okay! Call or e-mail us at 512-542-3354 and info@yourvillageconsulting.com to find out how we can customize a plan for you based on your specific needs, or let us know that you found the perfect plan!

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