Ruth Bailey

Postpartum Doula, Early Potty Training


Since 2008, Ruth has been supporting families as a birth and postpartum doula in central Texas. She hopes that all mothers and fathers have resourceful and understanding support systems. As a mother of two, Ruth understands the types of struggles families will face while trying to raise young children, which is why she has a special passion for helping first time parents, and is an expert at counseling and educating families during all challenges during the transition to parenthood.


One of the biggest transitions families will face with a newborn at home is sleep deprivation. Ruth excels at sleep relief, giving specific recommendations for safe sleep habits for you and your baby, how to breastfeed through the night and how to set up a comfortable environment for encouraging your baby to sleep for longer stretches at a time.


Another challenge Ruth had to face in the first year of motherhood was her postpartum mood disorders, including OCD. She was determined to get her first child out of diapers as soon as possible, and even though she was told it wasn’t possible to potty train her 15 month old, she was willing to give it her best shot. When she began the process of what she later learned was called Elimination Communication (or Elimination Control), she had little hope and felt very detached from her child. Through the process of learning his elimination routine, she was not only able to potty train, but grew closer to him than she had ever felt before. She felt they had been able to grow together during the process and was able to learn more about him and his budding personality.


With her own children, she also found it very difficult to breast-feed, which left her no other choice but to use commercial infant formula. Her first child began developing, allergies, intolerances, ear infections, etc., until the day she took him off the commercial formula. With her second child, to avoid the formula roller-coaster she went on with her first, she chose to give her daughter a homemade infant formula. She attributes her daughter’s healthy immune system largely to the quality nutrition she received from the Weston A Price homemade infant formula. When breast milk isn’t an option, this is always her first recommendation to clients, and can obviously attest to its benefits. Because she has used some alternative methods herself, Ruth is more than happy to talk with families about their different questions and options they may have, because one solution does not fit every family.

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