Karen Shopoff Rooff

Personal Trainer


Karen is a Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Pre/postnatal Fitness Specialist. Her career was born out of her passion for teaching and with gratitude for the benefits she has reaped from leading a fit and active life. Karen is committed to helping others become models of wellness as we strive to make Austin the fittest city in America. Often quoted in articles and blogs, Karen loves to share her knowledge of and experiences on the wellness journey.


As the mother of three children, Karen understands the significant role exercise plays in achieving a sense of balance. Pre/postnatal fitness is a topic that inspires her; guiding other women along their fitness path during pregnancy and the postpartum period is an honor. Using fitness to cope with the realities of motherhood is paramount in her work, and she is adept at finding ways to integrate exercise and fitness into daily life.


Karen has completed two ultramarathons, nine marathons (including four Boston Marathons), numerous other road races, and countless playground obstacle courses.

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