Our Screen Time Reality Check

My house has been radically transformed over the past couple of months. Since I am one of the owners of Your Village Consulting, people naively assume I am a child development expert. I hired these experts, but I am far from one myself. My expertise is nutrition. Ask me a nutrition question and I can …

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Amazing Kale Nachos

Confession from the nutritionist: nachos are one of my all-time favorite foods. I have always thought of nachos as somewhat healthy (minus the chips and pasteurized cheese), but that might just part of the justification process when I do indulge in them. Beans, vegetables, herbs, grass fed meat.all healthy, nutrient-dense food! This recipe brings the …

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Full Belly Breakfast Muffins

Many of us had to set our alarm clocks this week for the first time in a couple of weeks. Getting your kids dressed, well fed, and out the door in the morning is always a challenge whether it is January or April. I love making these muffins in a double batch and stocking the freezer …

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The Benefits of Cooking with Kids

By: Dawn Herman My wonderful husband and daughter are in the kitchen creating some kind of culinary magic and no doubt, a wonderful father-daughter memory. If you were in the room you could absolutely feel the pride and anticipation in all three of us. My daughter has been working in the kitchen since she was …

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Healthy Orange Julius (Egg, Sugar & Dairy Free!)

Growing up as a kid I LOVED Orange Julius. I decided to make “special smoothies” one night for the kids as their after-dinner-treat. I threw what ingredients I had on hand into the Vitamix and can I just say–yum! To my surprise it tasted very similar to the Orange Julius drinks I had loved and …

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Stevia: What’s All the Hype About?

I frequently teach workshops on a variety of nutrition topics. No matter what topic I am discussing, I usually get a question about stevia. It is a hot nutrition topic and people are curious if the hype is true: is this natural sweetener as good as we are told? Let’s start with some background about …

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Shredded Lime Taco Chicken

Now that fall is upon us I’ve been able to use my crock pot for meals a few times a week. I gave myself a challenge a couple of weeks ago to only cook meals for one week using the crock pot. I can honestly say that it made my life so much easier! I …

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The BEST Vegan Banana Bread

Having found out three years ago that I had a pretty severe allergy to eggs, I really haven’t been able to enjoy baked goods since then. Occasionally I will come across a good vegan cupcake at a bakery, but more often than not eggless recipes that I find on the internet aren’t very good. I’m …

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Allison’s Pantry Blueberry Muffins

  I opened the fridge this morning to find an overflow of organic blueberries about to expire staring at me in the face. What better time to whip up a batch of blueberry muffins? Since this was not exactly planned (and my kids were surprisingly playing happily together at such an early morning hour) I …

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Apple Stamps

The general rule we tell kids is: don’t play with your food… but sometimes it’s so much fun! With Autumn falling upon us, I decided to do this fun, hands-on activity with the kids. It’s very simple and the kids loved it because they were able to manipulate apples in ways they hadn’t before.   …

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