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Potty Training in 3 Days: A Clean Break From Dirty Diapers

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Potty training is not easy. You might feel overwhelmed after repeated unsuccessful potty training efforts, or even clueless about how to get your little one to go in the potty. Either way, you’ve found the right book. Potty Training in 3 Days is a simple guide to potty training your child for the first, last, and only time.


Do you need more specialized help after reading the book? You may be interested in our new “After the Book” plan!



Love & Logic: Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!

Jan. 21 & 28
Feb. 11, 18 & 25

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Early Childhood Parenting Made FunTM – This class is ideal for parents with children ages 6 and under. This class meets once a week for two hours over the course of five weeks.

Solutions for:

  • How to handle disruptions during meal times.
  • How to get children to stay in their own bed.
  • How to end temper tantrums.
  • How to discipline your children in public without creating a scene.
  • How to get children up and about in the mornings.
  • How to stop your children’s whining and bickering.
  • And many other day-to-day parenting challenges…

Cost: $100 per person/$150 per couple




“Receiving a gift certificate to use any of the services provided by the experts at Your Village Consulting has been a blessing.  I chose to seek help with potty training because I felt overwhelmed with this task and my four year old wanted nothing to do with the potty.  I worked closely with Brandi and she developed a plan for my daughter, Addison.  


Addison was using the potty successfully within two days and within five days we were back to our rigorous routine of dance classes, mother’s day out, and various outings without fail.  Brandi made it easy with a step by step plan, giving Addison and I confidence where we needed it.  Our potty plan brought Addison and I closer together by tackling such an exciting achievement.


We can’t thank Brandi and Your Village Consulting enough for their help on achieving what I thought was such a daunting task.  Not only that, but we started training Addison’s younger sister at the same time, and she is doing wonderfully, too! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

- Betsy & John

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